“Philosophy of life”

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  • Publicado : 21 de septiembre de 2010
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My name is Jose. I’m a normal man with good hopes on the future. My life right now is something very weird: I just move from my main country which I used to live 18 years, almost a 20 yearsstraight. My life there was so fine, I had friends, all my family and my loved Girlfriend. I love her as nothing else in this world.
Last year has been the most mess up year ever for me but at the sametime, fun. I made a lot of friends on different places, weird ones but ok. I started to make more exercises like running, lifting, etc.
One of those day of the last year I waked up at 3:00 in themorning and I decided to go do some running. That day I made my best personal record on running, 10km without problems. I was so excited about it, like any personal goal became true. I was so excited ofthat goal at the point of thinking about my life and if i made that goal, I can make a lot more. The same day I made the decision to ask my now girlfriend, to go out for a dinner. That day finished withmy not only having one goal completed but two. It was amazing.
This year change my life, from sleeping in an apartment with only 1 room to a house with 4 rooms, my own first room, and a lot ofspace. Leaving behind my country, I left all my loved ones there but I know they will never going to forget me and if I go there again, they will receive me with their arms open.
Now I have a real goalin my life, finish my university major, find a good work, then make my own company.
I believe in God, he is the reason I have strength to continuing my way through this hard way called life. Mylife was so empty before know God because of my rebellion. I used to be so bad in the middle school, even reaching a point of being the worst of my class.
After seeing myself in a mirror one day, Ifigured out about my problem. I seek for help everywhere but no one gave me the right answer to it. Because of that, my first decision was, Hossana. Hossana is a evangelic church near my house in...
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