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  • Publicado : 26 de octubre de 2010
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This day is very important for the school and the students because with this language our learning can be improved every day that is indispensable in the life.
To celebrate itstudents perform with dance and fashion parade.

1. -Making a match
-layers around a person
-Fourth letter of alphabet

2. -otherwise whether
-mush years-Fifth letter of alphabet
-similar to the zero point

3. -the initial baby
-where people listen is
-we are almost there

4. -is full
-initial finger-km initial
-Fifth letter of alphabet

5.-is full
-Third vowel
-First vowel

6.-cat initial
-early breast
-felt in a past time

7.-similar to the zero point
-initial fat-frozen water
-book is writhen with

8.-famous store
-vocal guarter
-initial finger
-penultimate vowel

9.-word used to link a word with another
-word used to compare something-Eighth letter of alphabet

10.-verb to haver or have in the past
-km initial
-past participle of the verb feed

a. -past participle of go
-continue verb
-toad initial

-an article that used to accompany a word

C.-similar to the zero point
-First vowel

D-ensim something
-Fifth letter of alphabet-Eighth letter of alphabet

E.-taken using
-as they relate to a man
-rohedor initial

F.-conjugacion of a word
-Third vowel
-cook`s actionG.-third vowel
-rohedor initial

H.-when there is a broken tile
-Fifth letter of alphabet
-prepositions used to build sentences in past

I.-second vowel-when much bean
-Fifth letter of alphabet

J.-action already undertaken
-sales letter alphabet
-Working of a dove

G | O | N | E | //////// | G | O | //////// | S | ////////...
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