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  • Publicado : 25 de septiembre de 2010
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I’ve always been worried about my friends. What are they doing today or the next day? I wanna be there! I don’t what to miss one single moment of their lives, but this is not the real case, the realcase is: with what kind of friends I’m dealing with?
The answer is something that I just can’t deal with, I’m always worried about my new friends, the kind of friends that are rich or popular or justeverybody what to see. I just feel like I what to be like them or I what to be their best friend, but I just can’t be who I am with them, and I’m tired of being so quiet or just can’t saying anythingcause I don’t know how are they going to react or what they’re going to say about me.
I just want to be like them, popular, rich and so get what I want whenever I want, but life’s not like that.They actually deal with other problems, and I know that money isn’t all in the world, but they have something that make feel like I’m like them, like I’m the one who has all the things that they have.I’m not getting out of control and gonna do stupid things just because they like to or cause the want me to do it, but I just what to experiment their life style for ONE DAY like if my family could giveall the things that I want, in the moment that I want or going to a store and not be worried about checking the price of the stuff.
I know that this is difficult, I just want a friend that can makeme feel like this, like I’m the only friend that she has, well not the only one, but the one that’s the best friend, the one that can tell every single thing that’s been going through, I don’t wantthat kind of friends that act like you’re the best for one day and the next day act like you’re just their “replacement friend”.
I know a guy who treats his friends, if we could call it like that, likethis. One day he just hangs with some pretty girls and the next day he’s best friend of those. He made that to me one day and I can tell you that it was a pretty cool day, but the next time that...
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