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  • Publicado : 15 de noviembre de 2010
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My name is Daniela Herrera, I was born on March 10, 1983 in Santiago, Chile. I am a teacher of English now, but I really studied Pre school education. I lovechildren and I enjoy teaching.
Despite I studied to be a Pre school teacher, I haven’t worked in that, because schools need teachers of English in Primarylevels.
I have a beautiful family, my mother Alba, my father Benjamin and my sister Paula. They are my family now, bue in March I’m going to have a another famiy, andthey are going to be my relatives, because I’m going to get married.
With my boyfriend Fernando, I have a very good relation. We enjoy a lot being togetherand having a lot of fun. We have a dog called “Rodie”. He is very tender, but so disordered.
With Fernando, we have traveled for the south of Chile and known manyplaces. The last vacations we went to “Radal 7 tazas” and it was a wonderful experience. There are amazing and long waterfalls.
In our honey moon we are goingto go to Frutillar, but our dream is to visit Easter Island. We hope we could go next summer.
My favorite music is Pop,and my favorite singer is George Michael.I love his songs!
My hobbies are reading and sleeping. I enjoy doing that things.
My personal dream is to swim with dolphins. I think they are very tenderand beautiful animals.
My life is very simple, but I like it. I’ve been studying since I finished school. When I was in 4th grade of High School, I started tostudy English. I didn’t like it, but in “Instituto Norteamericano” made me feel confident with English and since that initial course I haven’t stopped my learning.
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