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1. What is your name?
My name is _________________

2. What is your last name?
My last name is _______________

3. How old are you?
I have _____________________

4. Where are you from?
I from _____________________

5. What is your job?
I 'm _____________________

6.Do you like pages like MySpace and Face book?
Yes I do____________________

7. 7.- What is your favorite Singer?
it´s ___________________

8. What is your favorite soccer player?
it´s __________________

9. What is your favorite class?
My favorite class is ______________

10. What is your phone number?it´s _______________ ò my phone number is _____________

11. How do you spell English?

12. When is your birthday?
My birthday is on _____________________

13. What is your favorite number?
it´s ___________________________

14. Why is it your favorite?
Because is very important

15.What is your favorite group?
it´s ______________

16. What is your favorite fruit?
My favorite fruit is _______________

17. What is your favorite color?
My favorite color is ______________

18. What is your favorite food?
My favorite food is _____________

19. What is your favorite actor?
My favorite actor is_____________20. How do you spell your last name?

21. What is the date today?
Wednesday 13 th

22. Where is she from?
She is from ____________

23. Do you have a role model?
Yes I do

24. Does your mother work outside the home or does she stay at home?
My mother work _____________

25. Do you have dogs?Yes I do

26. Are you an only child?
I'm not an only child

27. What is the guy in the photograph?
He is my ___________ ó it´s my ____________

28. How do you spend your free time?
Playing soccer with my friends

29. What is your favorite free time activity?
it´s basketball_____________________

30. Do you go toout with friends?
Yes I do

31. Do you listen to music?
Yes I do

32. Do you play video games?
Yes I do

33. Do you do exercise?
No I don’t

34. Do you chat on line?
No I don’t

35. Do you watch T.V?
Yes I do

36. Do you spend time with your family?
No I don’t

37. Where do youshop?
In the supermarket

38. Where do you buy jeans?
In the tianguis

39. Who watches television most in your house?
My family

40. Do you play volleyball at school?
No I don’t

41. Do you go to parties on weekends?
Yes I do

42. Do you write to emails your friends?
Yes I do

43. Are you a goodstudent?
Yes I _______

44. Do you ever miss class?
Yes I do

45. Do you ever arrive late?
Yes I do

46. Do you ever answer your cell phone in class?
No I don’t

47. Do you chat to friends during class time?
Yes I do

48. Do you work on other subjects during class?
No I don’t

49. Do you pay attentionto the teacher?
Yes I do

50. Do you bring a pen to class?
Yes I do

51. Do you do your homework?
Yes I do

52. Do you like junk food?
Yes I do

53. How often do you eat fresh fruits?
Every day

54. How often do you eat junk food?
A month

55. How often do you drink water?
A day

56. How often do...
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