Proyecto Ingles Prepa 3

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Create the interview you are having with the reporter. Write at least five questions and their answers

O1 -. Where do youthink is the roof of fame? - When NO! are indifferent. When you produce both love and hate in people. I think there are many people who love me, but there are many other people who hates me. That'spure fame.

O2 -. Do you still have any ambition to fulfill? -I want my album to be a success worldwide. I want to be a balanced person. That's a big challenge and I have not even gotten. I give birthto puppies! ... just kidding. I also want to go on tour and having a baby with a good kid. And most important ambition is to take care of my health.

O3 -. If you were a journalist who questions youwould ask yourself? -If I were a journalist would say: Geri Halliwell could you leave this interview and go home? That’s what I tell myself.

O4 -. What satisfies you most about your job? -Write asong and hear the people sing. I love to hear singing It's raining men people or fans that go to my house and sing my songs in the door.

O5 -. What would you like to be in another life?-Professor. I like being with people younger than me. I like your thinking, your ideas.

O6 -. Again what about your fans? - I love them, that files are always with me Until The End. No matter what you readabout me, what a reporter says, they always stay behind me, I love loyalty.


REPORTER: Brayan Dylan Gutiérrez NEWSPAPER: El Norte

FAMOUS STAR: BibianaBerenice Fernández Flores (YOUR NAME)


“A DAY IN ____________________________________________ LIFE” (YOUR NAME)

2.-Write the article describing your eccentric dailyroutine in a typical day, including the activities, the time, what you do for fun (leisure activities), the clothes you wear, the hobbies you have and what you are doing or in what you are working...
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