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Structural Geology

The Structural Geology course will involve 13 or 14 one hour lecturers and two hour practicals. It is very important that the students attend all the lecturers and practicals. There will be a mid-term exam, and a homework. As part of the course I hope to organise a three-day field trip to the Bursa region. I personally read and mark all the homeworks, soplease take it seriously. The final marks are calculated as follows: 65% of the results of the final exam, 30% of that of the mid-term exam, and 5 % homework, attendance etc.

For all the lectures please bring along. a) Pencil, b) Ruler, c) Protractor (açıölçer), d) Electronic calculator, e) Millimetric paper

You can contact me any time in my room in the Eurasian Institute of Earth Sciences belowthe “Dekanlık koridoru” for any problems related to the course or other topics.

Syllabus for the year 2011

1) 09.2.2011 Deformation; strain and stress; changes in the lengths and angles during deformation and their description.
Practical: Changes in lengths during deformation. Please bring along a pencil, protractor, ruler, millimetric paper.
2) 16.2.2011 The concept of strain ellipse;finite and incremental strain; application of the strain ellipse concept to the geology; shear fractures, styllolites and pressure solution.
Practical: Changes in angles during deformation. Please bring along a pencil, protractor, ruler, millimetric paper.
3) 23.02.2011 Fields of the strain ellipse and their geologic significance; pressure solution and stylolites, strain in three dimensions;methods of determination of the shape of the strain ellipse in deformed rocks. Strain ellipsoid, classification of strain ellipsoids (classification according to the absolute e values, Flinn diagram)
Practicals: Use of Flinn diagrams
4) 30.02. 2011 Strain rate, Elastic, ductile and brittle deformation, deformation mechanisms. Definition and description of dip and strike for planes, plunge andtrend for linear structures. Theory behind the streographic projections, representation of planes and lines on the stereograms
Practical: Streographic projections (β diagrammes) of planes
5) 9.03.2011. foliation (cleavage, foliation, schistosity), axial planar cleavage, relation between bedding and cleavage. Relation between the foliation and the strain ellipsoid, crenulation cleavage, metamorphicdifferentiation/gneissic layering. Definition and description of plunge and trend for linear structures. Representation of lines on the stereograms
Practical: Streographic projections (β diagrammes) of lines and planes
6)169.03.2011. Lineation: slickensides, mineral lineation, intersection lineation, boudinage and folding. Relation between the lineation and the strain ellipsoid; Folds IFold geometry - fold limbs, hinge, inflexion points, fold hing and fold axis, fold axial plane, monocline, vertical and neutral folds, anticline-antiform, syncline-synform; facing direction of folds; cyclindrical folds; deppressions and culminations, domes and saddles, profile of a fold; fold tightness
Practical: stereographic projections - determination of fold axis determination of plunge andtrend of the intersection lineations, passing a plane through two lines, measuring the angle between two lines
7) 23.03.2011. Mid-term examination
8) 30.03.2011 Folds II Polyharmonic folding; parasitic folds, S, Z and M-folds, chevron and kink folds; conjugate folds; box folds, parallel and similar folds; symmetrical and asymmetrical folds, fold vergence, sheat folds. fold classification;classification based on the attitude of the fold axis and axial plane; Ramsay classification.
Practical: Streographic projections (π diagrammes).
9) 6.04.2011.Faults I. Normal faults, representation of normal faults on the block diagrammes;
Practical: Streographic projections: π diagramme of an area in Scotland, contouring of the π diagrammes
10) 13.04.2011 Faults II. Listric faults, reverse...
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