Raglas basicas ingles

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Some Basic Rules
A few common Prepositions In For location specific: I am in my house. For time specific period of time: See you in six mins. For a date nonspecific: My birthday is in May. Forposition: It's in a box. (can not be seen) At For location nonspecific: I'm at my house. For time specific: See you at six. On For position: It's on the box. (can be seen) For a date specific: My birthdayis on may second. For location: I'm on the corner. For Duration: I have been here for six hours. Reason: This is for you. (being given to you) Reason: I'm going for some bread. To Direction: I'm goingto my house. Too Emphasize: It's too far away. (very far away) Also: I know him too. (I have prior knowledge) From Origin: I'm from Italy. (Italy is your birthplace) First and Third person rulesFirst person Do: I do like Pepsi. I. We. Go: We go to the movies. They, Verbs: They like soccer. (simple verb) You Negative response: You don't run. (do not) Third person Does: He does work. He, She,Goes: She goes to school. It Verbs: It eats seeds. (plural verb) Negative response: He doesn't run. (does not) Rules and Structure fro WH ? Words and How Rules What For asking likes & dislikes, directinformation Where For asking place, location or position When For asking time, date, era or period Who For asking about a person or group Why For asking the reason Which Giving a choice between 2 objectsor more. How For asking quantity, form. manner or quality. Rules and Structure fro WH ? Structure of a WH question WH+Verb+Noun: Why go home? WH+Verb+Noun or Pronoun+Compliment: Why go home that way?WH+Aux+Noun or Pronoun+Verb: When do you run? WH+Verb+Adverb+Adjective+Adverb: Who is extremely happy today? WH+Preposition+ Aux+Noun or Pronoun+Verb: Which way do you run? WH+Adjective+Noun+Aux+Nounor Pronoun+Verb: What decisive action did you take? Word Forms Noun A Noun Is Kinds of Nouns A person, place, thing, idea, animal, object Countable:Desk,chair,book Noncountable:Food,air,rice...
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