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  • Publicado : 7 de febrero de 2012
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What is a renewable source of energy?
Energy is essential for life. We use it in factories, in cars, airplanes, trains and ships. To heat food, light our houses etc. However, energy consumption isdifferent in different countries. Since always human beings have used energy sources to do work or produce heat. Firstly, they used domestic animals or their physical forces. After, they used the windand the water. Then, they exploited the use of fossil fuels and nuclear energy. In the near future we hope new energy sources appear. Among the different sources of energy, renewable energy is the onewhich is produced continuously and are inexhaustible at a human scale. The sun is the centre of all the renewable energy sources, as its heat provokes in the Earth the differences in pressure, whichproduce wind that is the source of wind energy. Hydraulic energy also comes from the sun. Plants do photosynthesis, live and grow. All that organic matter is the biomass. We do not have to forget ofthe sun, which is the source of solar energy.
Renewable sources of energy are based on natural cycles of the planet. They are the ones which are regenerated and can be replenished in a short periodof time. They are so abundant that will last for hundreds or thousands of years. This means that even if we use them a lot, our children and grandchildren will use it as well.
The renewable sourcesof energy used responsibly do not destroy the environment. Electricity, heating and cooling are generated by renewable energy sources such as sun, wind, agricultural residues or organic. The incrementin the use of renewable sources of energy ensures a maintained generation of electricity, reducing CO2 emissions.
They can also provide employment opportunities in rural and urban areas. They aresources which respect the environment which means that they do not have a negative effect on it.
According to a study on "Environmental Impacts of Electricity Production" environmental impact in the...
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