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Properly, theater business can be a lucrative source of income. Aside from the money you’ll be earning, you also get to enjoy catering to your own niche crowd that shares the same interest in thetype of films you love.
Cinema malls are grouped according to the type of movie they feature.
Movie theaters that run mainstream films from big film companies and distributors coinciding with therelease date are deemed as first-run theaters.
Second run theaters on the other hand, as the name implies, feature movies that have already been shown in first run theaters. Ticket prices for theatersthat fall under this category are much cheaper.
Then there the Art House theater otherwise known as the repertory theater. This category typically features alternative art films, independent films,or second run classic films.
If you are interested in opening your own movie theater, the first thing you should do is understand the nature of this type of business. There are several resourcesthat can provide you with valuable startup information.
Some suggested reading materials are as follows: (1) Encyclopedia of Exhibition authored by the National Association of Theater Owners (NATO).This group also maintains a website where pertinent and useful information about the industry is delineated. Examples of such are box office statistics, equipment suppliers, index of concessionaires,theater employment and more can be found. (2) The Movie Business Book by Jason Squire tackles a wide variety of topics and can be used as a reference handbook.
Don’t worry about competing with the bigplayers. Your selling point will come from your facility to cater to a niche crowd. Getting the rights to show first run movies can be a bit of a challenge, not to mention pricey! What setsindependent theater owners apart is the specialty films they feature. You can choose to show films from a variety of genres or show art films, independent films etc. The key is to choose the type of movies...