Reglas del futbol americano

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Rules of Football

1. - The field is 57 yards wide and 120 long, of which 20 (10 at each end), are aimed at the "end zones". The field is marked every 5 yards with a solid line and 10 with anumber

2. - In the field will find 11 players for each team.

3. - The game consists of taking the ball to the end of the field (end zone) of opposing team (one of the chances of scoring).

4. -The forms of scoring are (with their respective score):
4.1. - Touchdown: 6 points, is to get the ball to the opposing team's end zone.
4.2 .- Field goal: 3-point field goal, is to pass the ballbetween the posts located in the end zone
4.3 .- Extra Point: after scoring a touchdown, the offensive team has two options:
4.3.1 .- 1 point, kicking the ball between the posts with a field goal4.3.2 .- 2 points, trying to bring the ball back to the end zone from the 1-yard of the opposing team
4.4 .- Safety: 2 points, almost never seen, is to bring down a player with the ball in his hands ofthe offensive in his own end zone

5 .- The way to advance the ball is measured in Downs (attempts), it has 4 downs to advance at least 10 yards, this distance is exceeded, it will have 4 attemptsto move back another 10 yards.

6 .- The ball can move in two ways:
6.1 .- Race: QB (quarterback, Mariscal de campo) passes the ball in the hands of a broker (RB, Running Back usually) and itintends to advance the most yards possible
6.2 .- Pass: the QB throws the ball, and another player (WR, Wing Receiver, reseptor) catches him and tries to move forward with the ball (rarely get anywhere,the main objective is to catch)

7 .- The matches last 15 minutes 4 times each, at the end of the second half there is a break of 15 minutes, time stops for the following reasons:
7.1 .- When theball leaves the field.
7.2. - After a touchdown.
7.3. - After a pass attempt.
7.4. - When the player carrying the ball leaves the field.

7.5 .- When requested review of the play (the game is...
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