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  • Publicado : 18 de septiembre de 2010
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christianity is the most widely practiced religion in england, as it has been since the early middle ages, although it was first introduce much earlier, i gaelic and romantimes. the largest from practice in the present day is anglicanism, dating from the 16th century reformation period, with the 1536 split from rome over henry VIII wanting todivorce catherine of aragon, the religion regards it self as both catholic and reformed.

there are high church and low church traditions, and some angelicans regardthemselves as anglo-catholics, after the tractarian movement. the monarch of the united kingdom is the head of the church, acting as its supreme governor. it has the status ofstabilished church in the angelican comunion with the archbishop of canterbury acting as the symbolic worlwide head. many catedrals and parish churches are historic buldingsof significant architectural importance. such as westminster abbev. york minster. durham cathedral and salisburv cathedral.

the second largest christian practiced is thelatin rite of the catholic church, which traces its formal, corporate history in england to the 6th century with augustine´s mission and was the main religion religion onthe entire island for around a thousand years.

there has been one pope from england to date, adrian IV ; while saits bede and anselm are regarded as doctors of the church.a form of protestantism known as methodism is the third largest and grew out of angelicanism through john wesley. it gained popularity in the mill towns of lancashhire andyorkshire, and amongst tin miners in cornwall. there are other nonconformist minorities, such as baptists, quakers, congregationalists, unitarians and the salvation army
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