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  • Publicado : 7 de noviembre de 2010
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Good morning, we were in the news place whit the survivors among them two adults Diana Robberts and her husband Paul Robberts to them we did some questions about of their experience like:Reporter: Where are you from?
She said: You are from Alaska.

Reporter: What did are you travel´s motive?
He said: we traveled because we were celebrating ourhoneymoon.

Reporter: How old are you?

She said: We are good thanks to tribespeople but I think that my husband needs a medical check for his leg.

Reporter: In the moment ofthe rescue teams didn´t see to you. Why?

She said: when jump of the airplane before of that this crash and for luck we fell in some trees of the zone.
He said: when we woke up westarted to walk looking for a exit.

Reporter: When were you feeding during this time?

He said: while we walked we looked for fruits but only we find grapes and bananas.Reporter: Which were the dangers to the that faced?

She said: We didn´t have food and in the jungle there are many dangerous anmals to my husband the sting a snake.
He said: but for luck wefound some tribespeople that helped us and they cured to my husband.

Reporter: Where did you live that time?

He said: we lives with a tribe they are very good people. They fed us andof them learned many things for survive.

Reporter: Which are their plans futures?

She said: We want help to those families of the tribe like shows of gratitude for the that they havefor us.

Reporter: What do you think about flying?

He said: Well, I think that we should wait a time before of go up again to a airplane.

Reporter: When are you going to gethome?

We hope this to be so fast this same afternoon if possible whit help of the government of our country.

Reporter: Thanks for your time I hope that all this comes out very well
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