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Grammar A
1. Circle the correct words.
A: Hi, Mark. Where have you (1) been running / run? I haven't (2) been seeing / seen you at the club.
B: I've been sick. I haven't gone running (3) already / yet this month. Have you (4) already / yet registered at school?
A: No, I haven't done it (5) already / yet.
Grammar B
2. Complete the sentences.
Write the correct forms of the verbs inparentheses or write already or yet.
Hi, all. I've been here in Acapulco for two days now. I (1) ____________ (be) very busy. I (2) ____________ (not go) diving (3) ____________, but I (4) ____________ (swim) every day. Have you (5) ____________ bought your tickets?
Vocabulary A
3. Complete the sentences with the following words.
do, push, risks, take, work
I've decided to (1) ____________ animportant step in my life. I'm going to (2) ____________ myself more and take some (3) ____________. I think I'll (4) ____________ an extreme sport and also do some volunteer (5) ____________ after school.
Vocabulary B
4. Circle the correct words.
Some people never (1) do / make / take risks. They are afraid to leave their comfort (2) area / place / zone. They (3) give / make / take up before theystart. They're making a big (4) exam / mistake / risk. They need to (5) make / push / take themselves.
5. Read the text and answer the questions.
(1) Learning a language is very difficult for adults. If you think about it, a child starts talking by the time they are two or three years old, and by the time they are five or six, their language use is almost perfect. In fact, there are somechildren that at the age of two start speaking perfect sentences in many different verb tenses. How can they do this after just two years of hearing a language, when after five years an adult is often still making the most basic errors?
(2) The answer is that the child's brain is dedicated to few tasks when they are young. Learning to walk and talk are their major interests for months. Besides,children have an innate desire to communicate. From the time they are just a few months old, they are catching people's eyes and smiling. All they want is to begin a “conversation.”
(3) Adults have many other interests beyond just learning a new language. They have family responsibilities, jobs, and romantic interests that interfere with their study time. Babies can devote hours on end to listeningto a language and trying to produce sounds. Adults are inhibited. They don't want people to notice when they make mistakes.
(1) What are the first three words of the topic sentence in paragraph (1)? _____________________________________________
(2) What is the main idea of paragraph (2)? _____________________________________________
(3) What are the first three words of the topic sentence inparagraph (3)? _____________________________________________
(4) Why do children learn languages more rapidly? _____________________________________________
(5) Why do adults have more problems? _____________________________________________
Unit 2
Grammar A
1. Complete the sentences.
Write the correct forms of used to and responses with so, too, either, or neither.
A: Did you (1)____________________ play with trains?
B: Yes, I did. I also (2) ____________________ play with toy cars.
A: (3) ____________________. I still have my collection.
B: (4) ____________________. My father (5) ____________________ buy me a new one every month.
Grammar B
2. Circle the correct words.
A: My sister has short hair now, but she (1) didn't use to / use to / used to have long hair when she wasyoung.
B: (2) I don't either / So did I / So do mine, but I (3) didn't use to / use to / used to like it.
A: (4) My sister does, too / She did, too / Neither did my sister. She likes short hair.
B: (5) I do, too / I don't either / Neither do I.
Vocabulary A
3. Circle the correct words.
I (1) can clearly remember / clear can remember / can remember cleared my first dog. He had (2) beautiful...
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