Resumen De Kidnapped

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Chapter 1
One fine spring Morning, in June of the year 1751, a young man named David Balfour was getting ready to leave his village in Scotland. The priest walked with Davie for a while, he thinks that it was the right time to see more of the world. The priest give Davie a letter from his mother, a small Bible and a silver coin; the priest said that in the letter was the direccion to the Shawshouse: Balfour.
Davied could has a new start in the Shaws house.
The next day, David go to Cramond and when he got there he go to the Shaws house, he knocked at the door and then and old man with a pistol appeared (Ebenezer), Davie explain his reasons to be there and they started talking about the letter.
After that Ebenezer invited Davie to his new bed, but when he led David into a room,Ebenezer locked the door that was damp and cold; Davie shouted for help and his uncle (Ebenezer) unlocked the door, his uncle was so mean with him.
Chapter 2
David was looking through Ebenezer’s collection of books. Ebenezer said that he had been saving money for David from his birth and Ebenezer want David to help around the big house in return for the money. Then, Ebenezer send him to the top of thetower were he would find a big chest with more money, but, when he was going upstairs the stairs broke down and he fall, David was angry because his uncle try to kill him! For that, David locked his uncle in his room.
Then David went with his uncle to see Captian Hoseason and he began to think that his uncle was hiding a secret.
Chapter 3
When David awoke he found himself in the Covenant. Thecaptain and Ebenezer agreed that David would be sold as a slave. Then a sailor called Ransome came to explain everything to him, they talked about their lives. Another sailor killed Ransome because he brought him a dirty plate, for that the captain ordered David to take Ransome’s place on the ship. One day a survivor of a ship accident called Alan was taken aboard; Alan and David became goodfriends. David overhead the captain and his crew talking about attacking Alan and stealing his money.

Chapter 7:
Alan told David his story while James was burning papers in the fireplace.
The, he went for some food and money. They realized the soldiers were looking for them.
They left the house hiding in the hills and stayed in a cave, they didn´t have food and they were starring.
Theydidn´t have neither pen or paper to send James a message. The next morning they saw a man with a bag of food, a letter and money from Ms Stuart.
They made posters, but the soldiers had not believe them. David was relieved that he did not look much like the drawing.

Chapter 6:
David headed for the port to get more news about Alan. He saw a middle-aged man smiling at him, this man has news aboutAlan, and he told David that Alan was waiting for him in the countryside of Apin. In the countryside there was no sign of Alan, then four horsemen came into view and ask David if he was loyal to king George, then from the forest there came a pistol shot and one of the horsemen called Campbell fell from his horse. David run away and then he fall a hand on his shoulder, it was Alan’s hand. Daviethought that Alan was who kill Campbell, but Alan wasn´t.
Alan said that David must stay with him for his safety, because the others horsemen could think that David was an accomplice with the real murder.
Chapter 4:
David and Alan prepared to fight the captain an all his men. They collected weapons and waited for the sailors to attack. While Davie kept watch of the window above them, Alan foughtthe captain’s men, three sailors fell dead from Alan’s sword.
David learnt about Alan and his past life. Alan told Davie about his leader who was in France and he gave the boy a silver button to help him when he is in some trouble.
The Captain Hoseason came in because they were in dangerously shallow waters and asked for their help.

Chapter 5:
The weather began to get worse and the...