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INTRODUCCION.Antonio is a Spanish young man,his father is amerin and he spent a long time in United States.Antonio has just finished the university.He has studied in Salamanca University, and metsome foreing students there,who he visits in britain.
CAPITULO 1 Y 2 LONDON:Antonio visited London with a Spanish friend AND they went to visit a tipycal Brithis pub ,but in britain most the pubscloses so early and this surprised to pablo.
The next afternoon antonio and his friend went to a goog hotel and drank a tee.
In New Year’s Eve Antonio and Pablo went to Trafalgar Square to listenthe bells but they couldn’t hear to them because there were a lot of people.
They went to Globe Theatre on the south bank of the River Thames and saw a Shakespeare’s performance.
Later they travelby The Tube, one of most special places of London and they was surprised to see a Muslim woman who only her eyes were uncovered.
They ate in a Chinese Restaurant in Chinatown and later went to seethe Caribbean carnival in Notting Hill.
They took a typical London Taxi and the driver talked to Antonio and Pablo in Cockney rhyming and they couldn’t understand to him.
CAPITULO 3 YORK:York is acountry with much history, Antonio traveled alone by train and meets Barbara Green who said to the foreigner that could stay in the Green Guest House that was cheap. In this house he ate a typical,enormous breakfast.
Antonio visited the Jorvik Viking Center and arrived at Coppergate Market .
Later in the streets of York a man asked Antonio about the way to York Minister and he decided to visitit with the man who was from Chicago.
York Minister is the biggest Gothic cathedral in Europe, it took more than 250 years to build and was finished in 1480.
They visited the Castle Museum andtalk about the ghosts who live in it.
CAPITULO 4 OXFORD:Oxford University is one of the oldest and most prestigious university in the world.
Antonio appeared in the shopping OF OXFORD and was very...
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