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  • Publicado : 21 de mayo de 2010
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Francis Bret Harte (25 August 1836-6 May 1902) was an American writer, famous as a poet and especially for his chronicles and stories about pioneer life in California,which belongs to Realism.

With a reputation for lush, bohemian, saber and poorly paying his first literary work appeared in The Californian. He led the Overland Monthly. He becamefamous with a collection of poems, The Lost Galleor, now forgotten, but his fame endures through their stories in prose, which forged, parodying the style and worldview mendacious solemnand James Fenimore Cooper, the iconography of "Wild West" or the Far West and Manifest Destiny: the farmer, the coaches, bandits, mining towns, the crowded saloon, the gamblers,farmers and cowboys, sheriffs, girls, pioneers, Indians .. . The story of the Far West became later fortune in film and ironic and impressionistic style prefigured the later Americanprose. You can register for a certain realism manners with certain doses of romanticism. See West novel.


It is about life in the camp roar. In the camp had many men but a womannamed Cherokee salt, she was pregnant. Then when she had her baby called luck Tommy, salt Cherokee died. Field men decided to take care of the baby. After spending happy moments withTommy, such as, when Tommy fell down into de wet ground, but he only looked at them and smiled, every body had god luck, and they change because of Tommy , winter 1851, the snow meltedand the river flooded. The cabin where he was Tommy and Kentuck was dragged by the river, the baby and Kentuck died.


Maybe: Tal vez
Often: a menudo
Heard: oidoHundred: cien
Unwell: indispuesto
Stood: estaba
Suddenly: de repente
Brought: Trajo
Told: Dijo
Things: Cosas
Pulled: sacaron
Weakly: Debilmente
A lot of : mucho
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