Science and tecnology

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Section B: Discursive/Argumentative Writing.

8. Do you think that tighter controls are needed over science and technology? You should offer detailed reasons to support your views.

Since many years ago, the human being has been progressing steadily to nowadays; And still we have many things to discover and produce. It is true that it is going out of hand because weare destroying our environment, but the men, by nature are destined to investigate and know more and more. If we got to a day in which we have discovered everything and there would be anything else to discover we will consume in our selves. Going back to the question; The men are so obsessed in finding out how it works everything that surround them, that we sometimes don’t see that we are destroyingour habitat, our atmosphere, out earth!

Of course, thanks to the technology we enjoy day by day our life’s have made more accommodate. For example, on the 80’s, the television had no distance remote control; If you wanted to change channel someone had to get up from the sofa and change! This is a quite humble example but items like the mobile phone or internet have made the human race advanceand us be more comfortable because if 10 years before you wanted to know the life of an important writer, you had to go to the encyclopaedia and copy all by hand. See how now, 10 years later, you just need to type his name in the computer and loads of information about him can be outputted by the printer. Really amazing. Another item that has made rage in the whole of the human race is theradical way communication technology had advanced. Not much years have passed since the word “mobile” got to our ears. I could not imagine a telephone that could be taken out the door! And now see, we are surrounded by all types, shapes and colours of mobiles. It is projected that on the 2012, we would look at the screen on the mobile and see the person we are talking to; Like a kind of “Web Camera”.And what about the weeks it took the letter to travel a few miles?? Now, you just need a finger and wait 2 seconds so that a friend of yours that is on the other side of the world receives an electronic mail. And all this has invented the human being!!!

However; As human beings, we have the defect of the non-perfection. By this I mean that the technology we have developed perjudicates us! Is akind of controversial issue, it gives us conformity but at the same time it damages us… Technology has become to be an essential part in our life’s, we could hardly live a month without technology. If has got to the extend that we depend on it. If one day we omitted technology from our lives imagine the chaos it would cause. We need to be prepared for this day because if machinery fails, manythings will go down with it. For example, if we didn’t have electricity for one day we would need to heat up the milk of the breakfast on a small cauldron; With many families wouldn’t have because they have substitutive by the micro wave. Then, if would be very difficult to choose the clothes you are going to wear without light: In this case you would need to use a candle, but this hardly illuminates ameter! Now you go out of the house hungry because you weren’t able to make some coffee and with different shoes. Now the great item: How do you reach work? Certainly not by car because this also moves with electricity. In conclusion: You would reach work three hours late, totally hungry and have’d lost 3kg minimum. See? It looks funny but it’s the pure reality!
Another disadvantage of technologyis that we are destroying our own environment, what makes us survive and be were we are: The ozone layer. With the radioactive pollution that give off the cars and the industries we are augmenting day by day the hole we are making to the ozone layer. Are we aware of what catastrophes can happen if we continue opening the hole?? I am briefly going to explain it: The atmosphere is a gas layer...
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