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Classifying plants and animals

Match the columns.

|Cell |( ) Is the way scientist sort all things in different groups.|
|Kingdoms|( ) is a tool that scientist use to make objects seem larger |
|Genus |( )Is thesmallest unit of a living thing that can perform all|
| |life processes |
| D)Microscope |( ) Is a group of similar organisms that can mate and produce |
| |offspring that can alsoproduce offspring |
| E) Classification systems |( ) is a group of closely related living things |
| F) Species|( ) Is the largest classification group |

Write the parts of a plant cell

It’s the control center of a cell nucleus.
It containsthe things that the cell needs to carry out its life cytoplasm.
These are the special parts of a plant cell that trap the Sun’s energy chloroplasts.
It separates the cell from its environment cellmembrane.
It’s another part of the plant cell that animal cell doesn’t have, it helps support and protect the cell it’s the cell wall.

Write the name of the kingdoms in the correct meaning.
In threeof them you can write some examples.

|plants |protists |animals |fungi |True bacteria |Ancient bacteria |

1 ____________________have tissues and organs that are made of many cells. Each cell has a nucleus and a cell wall. Most of them live on land, but some live in water. They use Sun’s energy to make their own food....
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