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GAC 015 Assesment event#1

The last animals in Valsequillo and consequences.

Yesica Coatl Caballero

The purpose of this essay is to teach the to reader the"last species” that still living in the territory of Valsequillo and show cause why are disappearing since 50 years ago. Valsequillo is located 30 minutes from the city of Puebla and 20 minutes ofAngelopolis. Valsequillo is near of Africam Safari (this place was made to take care of the animals that are in dangerous and also it was made, to protect them). This study of the territory of Valsequillowas analyzed and take in to account the different problems like the pollution and oversight of this great territory that are affecting the last animals that are still living in Valsequillo . All thiswas achieved through the use of the transect method.
The idea of this study is to find a solution to save the few animals found in the area and for a study of the lake that is in fatalconditions. To better study of area, was selected a part Valsequillo specified and divided into three areas. The first area is the place that is little desert and have some animals , the second areais where there is vegetation and animals , the third area is where the lake shore and are some animals . All this three areas have differents problems like the water shortage, plants and principalthe few species in these three territories.
Visit | Activity |
First visit –September 17 | Map and pictures |
Second visit- October 1 | Pictures and animals (species) |
Third visit – October 5 |Pictures, map , step count and animals |

It is impossible to count every living thing in this ecosystem, so a good method that can help us in this situations is the use of the transect method. Thetransect method, consist in defined an area that are plants and animals. The transect method can be applied in different ways but the easier way is to divided the map, that was make, in three parts...
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