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Celia Quezada
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Todd Wright
21 February 2012

Advertising is not just a means of conveying information about a product but most importantly, it can create emotions, in order to sell a product. Fiat released his most valiant commercial ever, featuring Romanian supermodel Catrinel Menghia. On the commercial she is presented as vivacious, high tempered, and above all sensual.The commercial starts with what resembles a “cubicle guy”, has an encounter with a super model bending over in the street to fix her shoe. First she screams at him in a foreign language saying something similar to "What are you looking at? Hey, what are you looking at? Are you undressing me with your eyes? Poor guy. You just can’t help it, can you? Is your heart racing? Is your head spinning? Doyou feel lost thinking that I could be yours forever?” (Read, 2011).  After that she drops the cream of his coffee on her cleavage, getting to kissing distance without doing so.  The woman who leaves you wanting more, never to forget the first moment you saw her as the commercial says as the end, then transforms into the car. In the commercial we are mostly presented with the “need for sex” appealdirected to men, but also with the “need for attention” and the “need to dominate” directed to women.

​Using sex in advertising has been shown to assist sales. For example, in 1995, Calvin Klein jeans launched a controversial sexual advertising campaign which, although caused massive controversy, doubled sales of the jeans ( Ellie & Furnham 2007). Sex in advertising                 prompts muchdiscussion and media attention, typically about how advertisers blend sex with
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their brands to gain attention. Fiat did an amazing job at proving that that sex sells, the commercial titled “seduction” did so after seducing 1 million YouTube viewers in just one week (New York Times, 2011). This commercial seems to be using 90% the appeal “need for sex” the model bending over, heraccent, dropping cream on her, getting extremely close, her attire all leads the men thought to the same place. Sexual information can distract viewers by monopolizing processing resources so that there is little or no corresponding gain in message processing or memory of the brand name (Reichert & Lambiase, 2003). Reason for why, in some cases of male audience this commercial might resultslightly ineffective, making them remember more the model than the car.  Fiat does an outstanding job on trying to prevent that from happening, she isn’t just standing anywhere she is in the middle of a parking spot, she is dressed in a black dress with red lines as the car, she speaks Italian, and the tattoo on the back of her neck is the same symbol used for the car.
​An interaction betweenadvertisements and sex of participants showed that males recalled sexual advertisements better and females recalled non-sexual advertisements better (Ellie & Furnham 2007). Fiat managed to find a balance where it was remarkable for both male and female. The marketing of a product is always going to be much more complicated than what it seems. The fiat commercial does a remarkable job at getting menattention to this product with the “need for sex appeal”, but the commercial is not only intended for male viewers, it can also apply to women with the “need for attention appeal”. Advertising involves communicating the utility of the product in question: the outcomes that can be expected by using the product (Reichert & Lambiase, 2003). The need for attention appeal which is the need we have to be
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want to look at, stronger in women than men, it is in womens nature to want other people to look at us. Just like the model caught the guys eye, the female viewer can see herself in the models shoes getting attention all around making her feel attractive, beautiful and sexy.
The need to dominate is also applied in this commercial, when the model starts screaming at...
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