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  • Publicado : 17 de agosto de 2012
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NAME: Prof. Lucila CANDELA
CONTACT ADDRESS: Technical University of Catalonia-UPC
Dep. Of Geotechncal Engineering and Geoscience
08034-Barcelona (Spain)
Ph (+34-93-4016868)
Fax (+34-93-4016504)

INTERNATIONAL ADVISORY PANELS:1999. ALTRAN Foundation. Jury member of the National Award. Paris (France)
1999 IPCC. Reviewer for the Climatic change panel report
1998 Member of the V Framework Programme External Advisory Group (European Commission-DG XII)
1996-2001 Overall Coordinator of the Steering Committee of the International Hydrological Programme, Project 3.5: Agricultural Threats toGroundwater.
1995-1998 Member of the European Union Advisory Panel for the ENVIRONMENT and ENRICH program
1992 EU Expert Advisory Panel in Water Pollution from Agricultural Activities (EURAGRI).
1991 Member of UNESCO Advisory board on the Development of Multimedia Learning Materials in Environmental Engineering
1990 Seminario Internacional de Aguas subterráneas.Agricultura y Agua. Bolivia. OPS/WHO
1988-1992 International Association of Hydrogeologists. V.President-Spanish Chapter


1999 PHI-3.5 UNESCO. Development of CD rom learning material.
1998 Contaminación de acuiferos: workshop. Sta Rosa (Argentina). UNESCO
1998 Round table-workshop on:groundwater protection in arid and semi-arid regions. UNESCO-Cairo.
1997 Consejo Nacional del Agua. Ministerio de Medio Ambiente. Vocal. Spain
1997 Water Resources Study in the Chari-Logone area (Chad) Project coordinator. UNESCO. Paris.
1996 Agricultural Threats to Groundwater Quality. A workshop. UNESCO-UPC
1994-95 Economic Analysis concerning the Drinking WaterDirective. The Parameter for Pesticides and Related Products. European Union.
1995 Establishment of the Water Quality Study for Sustainable Development in the Nokoue Lake (Benin). UNESCO. Paris.
1995 Development of Multimedia Teaching Material in Water Resources. UNESCO.
1995 Development of the Division of Water Sciences homepage for Internet.
UNESCO. Paris.1993-95 Development of analytical and sampling methods for priority pesticides and relevant transformation products in aquifers. European Union. DGXI
1994 Development of the Communication Strategy for the Jornadas de Cooperación. UPC.
1993 Preparation of the Med-Campus Project in water quality (Spain-Morocco- Tunisia). European Union.
1993 InternationalConference on Environmental Pollution (Barcelona). Executive Secretary.European Center for Pollution Research (London-Barcelona-Padova)
1992-95 Appointed director to start the Center for Cooperation for the Development. Barcelona. UPC
1992 Groundwater Resources of the Piura Aquifer (Peru). Project identification. European Union and UPC
1992 Fertilizers and pesticideuse in the Maresme Area: Environmental implications Dept. of Agriculture. Generalitat de Catalunya.
1991 XXIII-IAH International Congress. Executive Secretary.
1991 Groundwater overexploitation. A workshop. Executive Secretary. UN/DTCD. New York.
1991-93 Coordinator ,Multimedia Postgraduate Text Module on Soil and Groundwater Pollution from Agricultural Activities.UNESCO/COL
1990-95 Preparation of the training course The Unsaturated Zone and Aquifer Pollution .International Agronomic Institute (Zaragoza-Paris-Bari).
1990 Member of the Expert Panel on the Seminario Internacional de Aguas subterraneas (Bolivia). OPS/WHO
1989 Master Plan of water Resources of Benin. UN/DTCD


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