Sensor de fuerza

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  • Publicado : 26 de septiembre de 2010
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Dual-Range Force Sensor
(Order Code DFS-BTA or DFS-DIN)

The Dual-Range Force Sensor is a general-purpose device for measuring pushing and pulling forces. It can be used as a replacement for a handheld spring scale or mounted on a ring stand. It can also be mounted on a dynamics cart to study collisions. Forces as small as 0.01 newtons and as large as 50 newtons can be measured The Dual-RangeForce Sensor can be used for a variety of experiments, including • Studying force and impulse during collisions • Studying simple harmonic motion • Monitoring frictional force • Studying Hooke’s law • Monitoring the thrust of model rocket engines • Measuring the force on a dynamics cart • Measuring the force required to lift a known mass using simple machines The Dual-Range Force Sensor wasdesigned by Bruce Lee of Andrews University and is manufactured by A.U. Physics Enterprises. The Dual-Range Force Sensor is designed for use with the following interfaces: • Vernier LabPro® (for use with computers, TI graphing calculators, or Palm Powered™ handhelds) • Go! ® Link • Vernier EasyLink® • Texas Instruments CBL 2™ • Universal Lab Interface (ULI) • Serial Box Interface

Note: This productis to be used for educational purposes only. It is not appropriate for industrial, medical, research, or commercial applications. Hardware for attaching the Dual-Range Force Sensor to a Vernier dynamics cart is included with the cart. The Utility Handle provides a convenient handle for the Force Sensor and can also be used to mount it to various clamps. The Bumper is used mostly for collisionexperiments or any time you want to measure pushing forces.

With hook for connecting to a string and measuring pulling force

With bumper for collision experiments or measuring pushing force

Using the Dual-Range Force Sensor with a Computer
This sensor can be used with a computer and any of the following lab interfaces: Vernier LabPro, Go! Link, Universal Lab Interface, or Serial BoxInterface. 1. Connect the Dual-Range Force Sensor, interface, and computer. 2. Start the Logger Pro® or Logger Lite® software. 3. The program will automatically identify the Dual-Range Force Sensor, and you are ready to collect data.1

Using the Dual-Range Force Sensor with a TI Graphing Calculator
This sensor can be used with a TI graphing calculator and any of the following lab interfaces: LabPro, CBL2, and Vernier EasyLink. Here is the general procedure to follow when using the Dual-Range Force Sensor with a graphing calculator: 1. Connect the data-collection interface to the graphing calculator. 2. Connect the Dual-Range Force Sensor to any of the analog ports on the interface or to EasyLink. 3. Start the EasyData or DataMate App—the application you choose to use depends on your calculatorand interface. See the chart for more information.

What is included with the Dual-Range Force Sensor?
Several accessories are included with the Dual-Range Force Sensor:

Thumb Screw



Utility Handle


If your system does not support auto-ID, open an experiment file in Logger Pro, and you are ready to collect data.


The Two Switch Settings–Resolution and RangeAs with any instrument, there is a trade off between accuracy and the range of forces that can be measured. In general, you should use the ±10 N range if you can. If the forces exceed ten newtons, you need to use the ± 50 N range. In normal use, the accuracy with the two different switch settings will be ±10 N 0.01N Stored Calibration: slope = –4.9 N/V intercept = 12.25 N ± 50 N 0.05 N StoredCalibration slope = –24.5 N/V intercept = 61.25 N

Do I Need to Calibrate the Dual-Range Force Sensor?
4. The Dual-Range Force Sensor will be identified automatically, and you are ready to collect data. If the data-collection application is not on your calculator, use the following instructions to load it onto the calculator. • EasyData App–This program may already be installed on your...
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