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Compound Subjects.
A Compound Subject is a subject with two or more nouns or pronouns joined by the word and or another conjunction. Compound subjects share the same predicate.

Hershoes were covered with mud. Her ankles were covered with mud, too.
Her shoes and ankles were covered with mud.
'Her shoes and ankles' is the compound subject.
The predicate in both the sentences is'were covered with mud.'

Compound Predicate.
A Compound Predicate is a predicate with two or more verbs joined by the word and or another conjunction. Compound predicates share the same subject.Example:
Jan jumped on her bike. Jan rode around the block.
Jan jumped on her bike and rode around the block.
The compound predicate is 'jumped on her bike and rode around the block.' The subjectin both the sentences is Jan.

Compound sentences.
A compound sentence structure shows that two thoughts are connected and of equal importance:
Jenny hid the hen, and Benny tried(unsuccessfully) to hide the cow.
Max maintained that the database needed restructuring, but Laura disagreed.

1. A compound sentence is like a set of twins; each is a separate person, yet each isconnected to the other with the same biological "make-up." That is, each has a subject, a verb, and words to complete the thought. Although they are joined by a linking word, each sentence of thecompound is complete in itself and can stand alone.

2. The two parts of the compound sentence need to be linked correctly, with a comma and then a linking word at the place where one sentenceends and the other begins. (Otherwise you will have a sentence error called a run-on sentence. Run-on sentences are typically compound sentences without the proper punctuation and/or linking word.)3. Because there are two complete sentences in a compound sentence, each has equal weight in terms of the ideas being presented. That is, you may want to link sentences into a compound to...
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