She is my revolution

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  • Publicado : 9 de marzo de 2011
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What takes an artist into the process of making art? I don't know. It just happens. It's not premeditated. Subconsciously we feel the wave of mutilation sliding in and play, paint, express. That'swhat it's all about. Expressing ourselves to liberate every unease, terrifying thought of our minds, and turn it into art; as surreal as it is. It's impossible to be 100% emphatic. You'll never know howa person would react to a certain situation, because the circumstances are going to change; and if the circumstances change, it's not the same situation. A situation is in fact made up ofcircumstances that include the person, and the precise actions that would never repeat themselves again. The only way to repeat a situation is by returning time; following the path of arrows into the tangentuniverse wormhole; turning everyday into a déjà vu. We're here to perpetuate those flaunts in the system. We are the voice of the unstoppable time and years. We are the voice of the sublime. We are thedust that makes up a part of every entity that makes up space as matter in the universe. We are the voices of the inexplicable, and the remembrance of the days. We have invaded every single brain toforeshadow your own thoughts. We are part of you and every single one of them is part of me. We are art. Remember the last time you had your own original thought without the influence of a singleoddfellow? Of course not. There's no such thing as 0% influence. Every creation needs to have a base. The only that creates without base, can be called god. The only being that exist without being createdand creates to his own reflection. God is who has his own tangent universe channel. The only channel that has no flaunts nor parallel views; the pure, original channel. These ideas are perpetrated byphilosophers, people that create with thoughts. Philosophy is the only form of art that's merciless and selective. Indeed, only the wise philosopher can be called artist and enlighter, the fool can't...
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