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BlackBerry Case Study - Transportation

LAN Airlines Adopts BlackBerry Solution To Improve Service
LAN Airlines
LAN Airlines S.A. is one of Latin America’s leading airlines. As a member of the OneWorld Alliance, LAN Airlines offers passenger and cargo clients a range of destinations in the United States, Europe and the South Pacific region.

Success On BlackBerry
Industry: Transportation -Aviation Region: Latin America, North America and Europe Company Size: Large Enterprise – 15,000 employees Email Environment: Microsoft® Exchange Type of Solution: Custom ERP Solutions & Workflows (integration with SAP) BlackBerry Alliance Member Solution: Mobile application, developed by BlackBerry Alliance Member Polo Sur, that uses corporate web services to provide remote access to existingSAP system

LAN Airlines wanted to provide near real-time mobile access to email for executives and speed up the decisionmaking and approvals process for greater efficiency.

More than 300 BlackBerry® smartphones were distributed to executives at LAN Airlines, which provided an efficient and highly secure solution for mobile access to email and other corporate information.BlackBerry® Alliance Member Polo Sur, helped develop an application for remote access to an existing SAP® system using the BlackBerry solution.

LAN Airlines’s Results
• Greater speed in decision-making • Faster business processes and improved service • Future opportunities for new mobile business

The Challenge:
Optimizing Business Processes through Mobile Solutions
Founded in Chile,LAN Airlines is a leading airline in Latin America. In 2006, LAN Airlines initiated a pilot project with 12 BlackBerry smartphones to executives for mobile access to email. They had tested several different devices, but they found that the BlackBerry solution was the best solution for their needs to synchronize corporate email, calendar and other key functions. The following year, realizing thevalue of mobility from the pilot project, the SAP Cross-Systems and Processes Submanagement team at LAN Airlines began planning to extend their BlackBerry smartphone deployment. Beyond email, they wanted to give executives the ability to remotely receive and approve workflows from their existing SAP solution. To stay competitive and successful LAN Airlines depends on their efficient businessmanagement system, based on quick and informed decisions. Since September 2006, LAN Airlines has relied on SAP® Enterprise Portal 6.0 for administering executive approval of purchases, authorization of service commissions and the acquisition of technology. In the busy airline industry, this solution is an important tool to keep their business moving. The SAP solution utilizes a workflow system toestablish control and follow-up mechanisms for executive approval processes. They looked to the BlackBerry solution, which had been reliable and successful for remote access to corporate email, for a way to give executives mobile access to the SAP system and these important business processes.

Developing the Best Solution
Because managers travel continuously, for external meetings and internalbusiness, they don’t always have easy access to the Internet to check their emails and keep up on approvals. The IT team worked with LAN Airlines’ innovation area, and BlackBerry Alliance Member Polo Sur, to create a solution that would provide company executives with the ability to approve requests and access workflows from the SAP portal while mobile. LAN Airlines was confident that a mobile solutionwould help to speed up the company’s business operations. Because they had already deployed BlackBerry smartphones for executive access to mobile email with great success, the BlackBerry solution became the obvious choice for extending their mobile solution. “The ability to generate SAP workflow approvals via BlackBerry smartphones generates a greater efficiency and speed in our processes,”...
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