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More than an essay this text is an autobiography, where I’m going to treat the most significant aspects in my childhood, also I’m going to treat the school that was my second home andthe plans that I have for my future.

I was born on February 15th in 1993 in Bogota more specific in the Palermo clinic; I was the first guy among my cousins on my father’s family so my father feltmuch happiness and pride. When I was 6 months my mom and my dad decide baptize me in the church “San Juan Bautista” also choosing my godparents being my godfather my uncle John Jairo Puerto Nuñez and mygodmother my aunt Esperanza Burbano Ossa.

My childhood was based in an excellent education by my parents who were my example and my teachers of life; they were the people in charge of making methe excellent person that I’m now, a person full of great values and qualities. Also I had an excellent school life, in the Simon Bolivar Military School that was like my second home, because it was theplace where I did all my basic studies.

To study at a military school was an unforgettable experience, for many things, one of the most important for me was that there I met almost all myfriends, they more than my friends were my brothers because with them I lived many experiences from which we always learned something, in addition to this, the Simon Bolivar taught me as confront the lifeand opened me many doors for my future.

Actually I’m in the stage of my life where I have to take perhaps the most important decisions because these will be the decisions that will decide my futureand what will I do the rest of my life; in order to be sure in these decisions I made a life plan that include my aspirations, my goals and the most important thing, my dreams.

In this moment mymain goal is clear; I want to be part of the Colombian national police, to be a great police officer, this has been my main goal, my main aspiration and my main dream all my life and I know that with...
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