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ModSync Sequencing System
Installation & Operation Manual
For use with Fulton Steam Boilers.

Revision 3.0 8/12/2009


Table of Contents

Introduction Features Sequence of Operation Installation Time/Date Setup Screen Descriptions
General Main Menu Screen System Status Screen Boiler Config Screens Process Config Screens Lead/Lag Screens Setback Schedule Screen Boiler Status ScreenSystem Configuration Screens Alarm Screens Troubleshooting -

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Modbus Network Specifications Warranty Parts Information


The ModSync Sequencing System has been designed to provide precise pressure control ofmultiple Fulton Steam Boilers. The ModSync provides advanced functionality over existing sequencing systems. The enhanced Lead/Lag capabilities are provided through user-friendly displays and an easy to use Touchscreen Interface. This manual details the ModSync’s setup screens and configuration for use with Fulton Steam Boilers.

 Lead/Lag Control The Steam boilers are staged on andoff to match the existing load. The ModSync will stage additional boilers on automatically to maintain header pressure.  Modbus Communication The ModSync can communicate over the Modbus protocol to SCADA Systems.

  Setback Schedule The steam header setpoint can be configured to change based on the Time of Day and Day of the Week.   Multiple Setpoint Control Modes The steam headersetpoint can be field selected to be controlled by the ModSync, Remote 4-20mA Signal or SCADA Modbus Value.

Steam System Interface Remote Enable/Disable contacts and Alarm monitoring.

Auto/Manual Mode Control The ModSync can be configured for automatic or manual control of the Steam boilers. The Manual features help to decrease the boiler commissioning time by assisting with verification of thecommunication interface.


Alarm Status Boiler alarm status is monitored and annunciated via an Alarm Screen, minimizing troubleshooting time requirements. Alarm History Alarm History screen provides Date, Time and Fault information for the last eight alarm occurrences.



Sequence of Operation

Designed to provide precise pressure control of a multiple steam boiler system, theModSync stages the boilers based on load demands. A typical sequence of operation is as follows: 1. The ModSync monitors the steam header pressure using a pressure transducer. A PID Control Variable determines when the steam boilers will begin sequencing based on the difference between the actual header pressure and the steam pressure setpoint. 2. When a request for steam is determined by theModSync, the Lead Steam Boiler is energized. The initial firing rate (if applicable) is determined by the Lead Start Firing Rate variable set in the Lead/Lag configuration section. 3. If the steam pressure continues to decrease, the PID Control Variable will increase. The Lead Steam boiler’s firing rate will reach 100% before the Lag Start CV value. The ModSync will enable a Lag Boiler when the LagBoiler Start control variable value has been reached. 4. If additional steam is required, the ModSync will enable each additional Lag Boiler stage determined by the Lag Stage Start CV value. Each Lag Stage will reach a 100% firing rate before the next stage is enabled. 5. As the steam pressure increases, the ModSync will begin to decrease the firing rate and number of Steam boilers required tomaintain the steam header pressure 7. The Lead Boiler is disabled when the steam pressure reaches a selectable value referenced around the steam header setpoint.





Enclosure NEMA Classification: NEMA 12, 4, 4X.

Enclosure Dimensions
Figure 1.



The ModSync enclosure (Figure 1) should be located in a clean, dry environment within...
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