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Do you think it’s better to be defined by the group that you are part of or do you think it’s better to define yourself as an individual?

I thinks it’s better to define yourself as anindividual than by the group you are a part of because each person is unique and individual and it is unjust to judge people for what they do or for where they come from, however many people stereotypethe others and in my opinion, that is stupid because no one can know what kind of people someone is by prejudging them, thats why todays people classify others by race or religion. Although manypeople are racist because of that; judging the people for where they came from without knowing who really are it’s bad, and stimulate the racism, thats why I think it is better to judge the people by whothey are instead of the group that they are part of.

Todays many people are stereotyping people without knowing them and they don’t give them a chance to introduce themselves because theyalready have a bad image of them and this doesn’t help in the integration of a group or a person, some people that have been steriotyped don’t understand what they are doing wrong, but there is nothingwrong with them, is the reject from the others that make them feel bad and isolate themselves and that’s sad, because some of them felt like they belong just to a group, a group that the people pushthem, without knowing that they are more than a part of a group. Although judge someone by the group that they are part of it’s stupid, it’s just like judging someone by the kind of work that someone has,“one is not defined for what they do ,is defined by who they are”.

Even though today this problem is decreasing, people still exist that are being racist and that is sad,and I believe thatthis problem will be solved in the future, more over we are still having this problem and we have to deal with it by being patient and put our pice of help to make this kind of discrimination to groups...
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