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Musical Moods Project

This is a preparatory booklet that will assist you in the production of 1. an essay and 2. a radio interview. The bookletwill take you step by step towards the final written and oral products.
The final written and oral products are worth 30% of your total Level VII grade.
You will be assessed on the expository essay, the topic of which you will NOT know until the day of writing, that will be produced under exam conditions (15%) and the radio interview you perform after you have completed this booklet (15%).
Ifyou do not complete any section of this booklet, your final grade will be reduced accordingly. The goal is to complete both the essay and radio interview with plenty of enthusiasm towards the end product; and with plenty of proven ability for Level VII.
• Be able to write an essay about your musical tastes.
• Learn techniques that include the following: paraphrase a song,describe musical elements in songs, explain the emotions behind the elements, and give biographical information about the artist.
• Discuss musical tastes using appropriate structures and vocabulary both of which will help clarify and explain your opinion(s).
• Maintain a conversation in English that displays a level of Level VII mastery.
• Integrate specific skills from previous Units.


With a partner, discuss the following questions:

1. In what ways is music important in your life?
2. Do you remember an early experience you had with music? Perhaps a concert you attended, a song you remember hearing when you were younger, or a family member(s) who played music themselves. Where were you and how did this moment make youfeel?
3. When you were in school, was music ever used in the classrooms or on specific occasions?
4. What kind of music do you usually listen to? Why do you listen to this type of music?
5. Is there anywhere you think music should not be played?

A. Read the essay carefully and answer the questions below.

1. Re-read the text and identify:
•The key sentence which expresses purpose of the essay (thesis statement)
Thesis statement: The language of music
• the introductory, body, and concluding paragraphs
Introductory: Music is a Way to Communicating with people
Body: Music as a Personal Experience
Concluding: Everyone learns, feel and like music in different ways

• any useful linking words orphrases
Due to this fact, However, Additionally, Consequentially, Likewise, Lastly, First, Furthermore, For the most part.
2. What is the purpose of the introductory and concluding paragraphs?
The purpose of the introductory is explain readers what means music for the writer and try to convince that music is a language. The concluding paragraphs show us that we can learn about music on its own indifferent ways and moments
3. What is the main idea of each body paragraph?
• The music and song depends on moods and moments that writer is living and represent as a language.
• This kind of language also depends of social and historical context, but the ages are influence about others.
• There are two things that make music be a language, rhythm and pitch. If we practice and learnthese two things we can understand the symbols and other staff about music, like a native language.
4. What does the author mean when she says “… musical language is abstract with the meaning being dependent upon the creator or the listener”?
He means that the music depends only with the intention of the creator or listener, what they want to communicate and keep with the song. In fact, the...
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