Teaching weak forms in pronunciation

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  • Publicado : 6 de marzo de 2011
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Teaching Weak Forms in Pronunciation
The use of the weak form is a common feature of spoken English; however, students don’t notice what is it nor, how to use it. There are at least threereasons why teachers do not teach weak forms. First, teachers themselves don't know the weak forms very well. Second, they don’t know how to teach them. Because they think that is better to teachindividual sounds, vowels, consonants than weak forms. Third, they also believe that weak forms are less important than phonemes and others. Unfortunately, for them that’s not true. Teaching weak formsis very important because with out it many students can’t understand the speech of native and fluent speakers of English. For this we must develop how to teach weak forms based on tree steps which are:Know the correct meaning of weak forms and it importance, When is it use and some activities that can be used in teaching weak forms.
First, is necessary knowing what the weak form is. Aweak form is the pronunciation of a word or syllable in an unstressed manner. The difference between the strong form (stressed) and the weak form (unstressed) of a word is not apparent in writing, butin speech these two variations in pronunciation can be drastically different and it can affect the entire meaning of a sentence. For example, the version of a stressed and an unstressed word canprovoke misunderstandings in a speech. Look:
• John thinks that man is evil. /ð[pic]t/
This version of the sentence, with the weak (unstressed) form of that, means "John thinks all humans areevil."
• John thinks that man is evil. /ðæt/
This version of the sentence, with the strong (stressed) form of that, means "John thinks a specific (male) individual is evil."
That’s the mainreason teachers must teach weak forms for all learners also it is important because it can help students improve their production of spoken English.
Then, for a student is an important...
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