Technology and the environment

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  • Publicado : 2 de febrero de 2012
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The UNEP Magazine for Youth

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Technology and the environment
Capturing carbon

Tunza Conference Perennial dilemma

Greener cleaners Virgin Earth

Small is controversial

Designing the future

the UNEP Magazine for Youth. To view current and past issues of this publication online, please visit UnitedNations Environment Programme (UNEP) PO Box 30552, Nairobi, Kenya Tel (254 20) 7621 234 Fax (254 20) 7623 927 Telex 22068 UNEP KE E-mail ISSN 1727-8902 Director of Publication Eric Falt Editor Geoffrey Lean Special Contributor Wondwosen Asnake Guest Editors Karen Eng, Callum Douglas, Julie Kavanagh Nairobi Coordinator Naomi Poulton Head, UNEP’s Children and Youth UnitTheodore Oben Circulation Manager Manyahleshal Kebede Design Edward Cooper, Ecuador Production Banson Youth Contributors Preetam Alex, India; Jamal Alfalasi, United Arab Emirates; Nina Best, Brazil; Handy Acosta Cuellar, Cuba; Kate de Mattos-Shipley, United Kingdom; Morteza Farajian, Iran; Claire Hastings, Canada; Molly Lowson, Canada; Norbert Machipisa, Zimbabwe; Caitlin MacLeod, Canada; Ahmed AbbasMahmoud, Sudan; Tanya Mowbray, United Kingdom; Maimuna Sarr, Gambia; Zhang Boju, China Other Contributors Caroline Baillie; Jane Bowbrick; Stefan Hain; Fred Pearce; Joachim Petzoldt; Peter Saunders; Carola-Victoria Wetzstein; Rosey Simonds and David Woollcombe, Peace Child International Printed in the United Kingdom
The contents of this magazine do not necessarily reflect the views or policies ofUNEP or the editors, nor are they an official record. The designations employed and the presentation do not imply the expression of any opinion whatsoever on the part of UNEP concerning the legal status of any country, territory or city or its authority, or concerning the delimitation of its frontiers or boundaries.

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UNEP promotes environmentally sound practices globally and in itsown activities. This magazine is printed on 100% recycled paper, using vegetable-based inks and other ecofriendly practices. Our distribution policy aims to reduce UNEP’s carbon footprint.

UNEP and Bayer, the German-based international enterprise involved in health care, crop science and materials science, are working together to strengthen young people’s environmental awareness and engagechildren and youth in environmental issues worldwide. The partnership agreement, renewed to run through 2010, lays down a basis for UNEP and Bayer to enlarge their longstanding collaboration to bring successful initiatives to

countries around the world and develop new youth programmes. Projects include: TUNZA Magazine, the International Children’s Painting Competition on the Environment, the BayerYoung Environmental Envoy in Partnership with UNEP, the UNEP Tunza International Youth/ Children’s Conference, youth environmental networks in Asia Pacific, Africa and Latin America, the Asia-Pacific Eco-Minds forum and a photo competition, ‘Ecology in Focus’, in Eastern Europe.


TUNZA Vol 5 No 3

Cool &


COOL: Wildlife-watching: birds, bears, dolphins, butterflies… COOLER:Getting involved in wildlife surveys. Contact your local council, or national or regional environmental organization, find out what surveys are taking place in your area, and volunteer to help.

COOL: Energy-saving escalators. Escalators and moving sidewalks are handy. But continuously running motors consume enormous amounts of energy. Automatic stop/start escalators stop moving when they sense...
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