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  • Publicado : 19 de septiembre de 2010
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Telecommunication is about wired, and wireless networks, buildings blocks, the using of LAN and the security through encryption.
There are 5 types of network classification: PAN,NAN, LAN, MAN, WAN.
A node is a connection point on a network. To connect to a LAN sometimes you need network circuitry. The one that contain this is an network peripheral
A network device routesdata to its destination. They can function as clients or as servers.
The arrangement of devices in a network it’s refer to as its physical topology. If there are 2 similar networks they can beconnected by a bridge.
Gateway is a term for any device that can join 2 networks.
A communication channel is a frequency for signal transmissions. A bandwidth is the transmission capacity of thisfrequency.
A wired network uses cables to connect network devices. They are fast, secure and simple to configure but they don’t have the same mobility.
PNA networks utilize telephone to connect networksdevices.
Ethernet is a simultaneously broadcasts data packets to all networks devices. As Ethernet equipment we have: network hub, router, and switch, RJ45 connector, and Ethernet adapter.
Thewireless network is the same as the wired, but wireless is without cables. So it’s slower and less secure, but with more mobility.
Bluetooth is a type of wireless network, short-range, that makes its ownconnection between electronic devices.
Wi-Fi is a wireless networking technologies that are compatible with Ethernet. As Wi-Fi equipment we have: computers, printers, surge strip, wireless router, andWi-Fi card.
LANs enable people work together, so, it can reduce costs, increase productivity, and provide access to a wide range of services and specialized peripheral devices. The disadvantage isthat when the network doesn’t work as it should be, because you can’t do anything and that you can increase the number of viruses.
A LAN party is a gathering of people that connect their own...
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