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The book’s title is The Art of War. It is a Chinese military script completely attributed to Sun Tzu. Sun Tzu was a high ranking military general, excellentstrategist and analyst. What I know about this book is that is a treaty that goes deep into the main points that have to be considered and actually put in practice inorder to win and success in every kind of situation in which a victory is being disputed. Although, the Art of War was written and stablished as the mostaccurate and successful tactic book in the ancient china to be known for the military man, it is also applicable to other areas in which a position, role, game or evenbusiness is managed. In fact, every single Chinese military leader and several of Asian military leaders had based their entire tactic decisions upon theprinciples stated in this book. I knew of this book because I watched a two hours documentary in which the 13 principles were exposed exemplified by historical battlesand wars such as the civil war, world war Ii, and the vietnam war. The program was broadcasted by The History Channel. Also I know that the strategies and statestaught in this book had been used by several of the most brilliant military commanders in history. Leaders as Mao Zedong, General Vo Nguyen Giap, BaronAntonine-Henri Jomini, the brilliant General Douglas MacArthur and leaders through all history of the Imperial Japan have inspire all their strategical philosophy in thisbook. I ink that I would had to take notes while reading this book in order to understand and synthesize the main points and to keep an order of the sequence.

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