The broken broomstick

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  • Publicado : 3 de febrero de 2011
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SETTING: A clearing in the woods

At rise: Litlle witch is sitting and crying, because her broomstick is broken in two…
Little witch: Booo hooo boo ohh!
What shall I do?
My broomstick´s broken
Right in two Oh me, Oh my!It makes me cry With broken broom. I cannot fly
It´s hallowen, I vow
Meow, Meow, Meow
I´ll have some fun right now!
LITTLE WITCH: Here Kitty, Kitty, Kitty
Here pussy, here pussy pussy pussy.
BLACK CAT: (Looking around)
Who could be calling me such silly names! “Kitty, Kitty, Kitty and Pussy, pussy, pussy”, That´s sissy stuff! I´m the big black catthat walks the fences on Halloween Night and sings to the moon! I don’t have to listen to anyone!
LITTLE WITCH: Please listen to me, Mr. Cat. I am in trouble.
BLACK CAT: Hello, Little Witch. Why aren´t you flying through the air for Halloween?
LITTLE WITCH: My broomstick is broken. Will you please fix it for me?
BLACK CAT: Bless my whiskers! I´d like to do that for you, Little Witch, but Ican´t spare the time. I have to start walking fences right away.
LITTLE WITCH: Oh dear! I´m so lonely here by myself on Halloween. I want to be out scaring people
BLACK CAT: Look over there. Here come the Little Ghost. Maybe he can help you. I really must go.
Meow Meow Meow
It´s Halloween, I vow
I´ll have some fun right now!
I´ll remember, Ineed to practice BOOOOOHHHH!!
Whenever I meet anyone this evening, I must say booooohhh!!
LITTLE WITCH: Good evening little ghost! (Little Ghost jumps as if scared)
Excuse me, I didn´t mean to frighten you.
LITTLE GHOST: Ohhh! I´m afraid!
LITTLE WITCH: Upps! Sorry I can´t scared of you, because my broomstick is broken
Can you help me? Do you know how to mend a broomstick?
LITTLEGHOST: Mend a broomstick! Nooo! You must remember I am only a Bed Sheet!
I don´t Know a thing about broomsticks?
But, Do you want to come along with me?
And maybe we find other broom, and you can scare the people… Mmm your face is a lot ugly ja ja ja
LITTLE WITCH: You´re bad with me…
LITTLE GHOST: No, no I´m sorry… It´s a joke…
LITTLE WITCH: I want to go with you, but I can´t fly see myit´s broken in half
LITTLE GHOST: Well. So I need to practice and my parents said me, scared at the people, I go the woods and I don´t have the time, see you the next Halloween.
LITTLE WITCH: Ohh!! Booo.. yourself! I guess I´ll have to stay here all night before night will help me.
It´s getting later and later. Halloween will soon be over. Here comes a Goblin. Maybe he can help me
Mr.GOBLIN: Ji Ji booohhh… Ji ji ji booohh… Tonitgh is Halloween! I´ll have some fun.
LITTLE WITCH: Mr. Globin. Maybe can you help me? Do you Know how to mend a broomstick?
GREEN GOBLIN: Go away, don´t bother me. I´m busy making faces to scare people.
LITTLE WITCH: Show me some of your faces, please. I would like to learn how to make real scary ones.
GREEN GOBLIN: It´s easy. This is allyou do.
Eyebrows up! Eyebrows down! First a grin! And the a frown! Show your tongue! Squinch your nose!
Wiggle your ears!An hold the pose!
LITTLE WITCH: That was lovely Do it again please.
GREEN GOBLIN: Sorry. There isn´t time. I´m in hurry.
LITTLE WITCH: Could you take time to mend my broomstick, please. Mr. Goblin?
GREEN GOBLIN: Not tonight. Little Witch. I´m too busy.Good-bye, see you next Halloween.
LITTLE WITCH: Oh dear! I´m missing all the fun just because of this broken broomstick. And who will help me? Who will mend my broomstick?
Mr. OWL: Whoooo
LITTLE WITCH: Who´s that? Who´s that?
MR. OWL: I´m here to help you.
LITTLE WITCH: Oh, Mr. Owl. Do you really mean it? Will you mend my broomstick?
Mr. Owl: I can´t mend your broomstick, but I´m...
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