The dust bowl

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Basic Skill V
The Dust Bowl

1. What is the main topic of this passage? B)The Dust Bowl and its effects
2. Which of theses was not a cause ofthe Dust Bowl? C) Farmers let the fields rest.
3. Which of the following happened during the Dust Bowl? A) Farmers lost their farms because theircrops failed.
4. Which of the following phrases best describes the Dust Bowl? D) All of the above
5. How many people moved away because of theDust Bowl? D) 350 million
6. What is the nickname of California? C) The promised Land
7. Which of the following describes a trip on Route 66 inthe 1930s? A) There were very few motels, restaurants, or gas station
8. In California, migrant workers from the Midwest found D) none of the above9. Why is the information about Boston and New York included? D) all of the above
10. Why did Dust Bowl farmers decide to move to California? C)California was a major farming state.

Match the word
* Choke: Not able to breathe; not able to grow
* Deplete: Reduce the amount of something* Desperate: Willing to do anything to change a terrible situation.
* Drought: A long period of time without rain.
* Dusk: The time aftersunset when there is almost no light.
* Dust: A fine, dry powder
* Nutrient: A substance needed to keep something alive.
* Prairie: Alarge area of flat land with grass and few trees
* Prosper: Be successful, especially financially
* Victim: A person who is harmed by something
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