The fame art

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  • Publicado : 5 de diciembre de 2011
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Praise for The Fame Formula
‘’I thought modern-day celebrity PRs were venal, corrupt, incorrigible monsters until I read this book.Now I realise they are just amateur impressionistsdesperately playing catch-up to their legendary Hollywood predecessors. Those guys spun murder, fixed marriages, hid brawls and would have sold their proverbial grannies if their families hadn’t alreadydisowned them. Mark Borkowski has shone a brilliantly illuminating light on the disgraceful, hilarious, and undeniably effective Tinself Town PR war machines that inspired the current celebrity/PRmeltdown we see today. I loved every page.’
Piers Morgan
They used to say I fell in love with the goddess fame, but had a one night stand with the slut celebrity. Mark Borkowski deals even handedly withgoddesses and sluts, with hacks and flacks, hypers and hucksters. This is a brilliantly original account of a neglected subject.
Stephen Bayley
‘Most people think of Andy Warhol as having the lastword on celebrity culture, but he played John the Baptist to Mark Borkowski’s Jesus. In this book, Borkowski tells you have to parlay fifteen minutes of fame into a lifetime of pampered luxury’
‘Ain’t no one understands the torrid public relationship between fame and publicity like Mr Borkowski. It’s one thing knowing where the bodies are buried. Mark knows who sold ‘em the shovels.He wears the crown. He wrote the book. This is that book’
Trevor Beattie, BMB Advertising
In this fascinating book, one of Britain’s top publicists tells all about what fame is, how to get it, andwhat to do with it’
Lord Saatchi
‘The Fame Formula establishes Mark Borkowski as the unofficial curator of the House of Spin . . . a terrific, witty romp through the – often dirty – undies of theHollywood fame factory [which] draws some interesting conclusions about modern-day celebrity culture’
The Guardian
‘Witty, well researched and enlightening’
Mail on Sunday
‘An engrossing and...
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