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  • Publicado : 29 de junio de 2010
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The Importance of the Keyboard
I lost the count of all the elements so many physical and logical that I changed in my home computer, I would be impossible to remember everyone. Making a memoryexercise could say that I've changed: the hard disk, the video card, the mouse, the RAM, the monitor, among others. But among all this list of items that just about any person who has a computer at home isproving there is one that I've never changed the keyboard. It may seem unimportant but the optimal use of a keyboard, will really help us for certain tasks. I've seen cases where the wrong choice ofa keyboard device has made the installation performance is affected.
The keyboard is a component that is given little importance, especially in clone computers. However it is an essential component,as is the one that will allow our relationship with the computer is smooth and pleasant, in fact, together with the mouse are responsible for us to interact with our machine. A keyboard is a deviceresembling a typewriter, which allows the user to enter text and instructions. Some keyboards have special function keys or integrated pointing devices like trackballs or touch sensitive areas thatallow the movement of the user's fingertips direct a cursor on the screen.
According to June Jamrich Parsons in his book Computer Concepts 2010 “the design of most computer keyboards is based on thetypewriter’s qwerty layout, which was engineered to keep the typewriter’s mechanical keys from jamming.¨
If you often use the word processor, do programming, or any other activity that we make anintensive use of this component, it is important to choose a quality model. In the event that we are casual users of the keys, because we devote more games or graphics programs, then any model will beuseful. The keyboard although providing a wide variety of models, more or less visible and ergonomic, to wireless and there, which always have a similar appearance to the keys as the keyboard is divided...
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