The search for identity in kafka’s the metamorphosis

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  • Publicado : 21 de marzo de 2011
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The search for identity in Kafka’s The Metamorphosis
Kafka, on The Metamorphosis, has transformed Gregor into an enormous insect in the first sentences of the story. Progressively Gregor willencounter various identity issues that will mold who he really is. This identity will be reached at the end of the story with Gregor’s death once he has fully completed the metamorphosis. The real Gregoris the one in the insect body and not the one on the human body.
Gregor has been the economical income of his family for many years. Now, he is suddenly transformed into this giant insect andlocked in his room incapable of continuing his daily routine that has been imposed by his family. Even though Gregor finds himself in this state he will fight to continue being who he was. Sweeney saysthat although The Metamorphosis begins with Gregor Samsa finding "himself changed in his bed into a monstrous vermin," the transformation is at this stage psychologically incomplete, enabling Kafka toconduct a philosophical exploration of the nature of self, personhood and identity. Locke recalls that the insect is Gregor Samsa which explains why Gregor can still remember his old life, his duty andmost of his entire job. His thoughts are almost entirely of the need to support his parents and sending his sister to the Conservatory. Though Gregor hates his job, he follows the call of duty to hisfamily and goes far beyond simple duty.
Gregor tries to come out of his room several time in the story. each time he comes out he will show his true face which is not accepted by his family,specially by his father. Each blow inflicted on Gregor by Mr. Samsa in each encounter between the two of them is an example of his family’s negative acceptance of his change. Even his sister, who used tobe the only one who would maintain a small bond with Gregor, will finally lose hope on him. Sweeney comments that Although Grete maintains regular contact with Gregor, Grete and the family fail to...
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