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Alfred Edward Housman, poet and english scholar. Combined his lyrical compositions and classical purity of the language with a melancholy and almost fatalistic inspiration romantic literature to the introductions of his work and to other classical studies of Housman reveal security, precision and authority, and they do not lack controversial notes and sarcasms. Inspired in the landscape of hisnative region (Fockbury,Worcestershire); under a consciously simple, scrawny form and with the animated rhythm of the popular ballads, the echo of a gloomy one is perceived pessimism (after the death of his mother after his 12th birthday,he was further oppressed by his dawning realization of homosexual desires). Housman in this poem express the simplicity and beauty that exists in each naturalprocess that is pronounced in all its splendor in each spring with the flowering of you hoist them, where when finalizing the process is let see the magnificence created (its fruits) for which the author uses parallel comparison and symbolism between the processes of the life of the human being and the nature, measured by a type of clock that measures our passage in this world. Now “Of my threescoreyears and ten,Twenty will not come again, And take from seventy springs a score, It only leaves me fifty more.” (5-10) clock of life that never stops even when we are already gone. The author emphasis throughout symbolism in the poem the intensity of the beauty and brevity of the time he will have to enjoy that beauty. Even though all language is symbolizing one thing or another. So a analysisof the poem can have different interpretations.
“A. E. Housman's poems are so impressively anchored in the emotional and physical life, so colloquial in style and so evidently simple in subject, that a philosophical reading of these poems may at first glance seem paradoxical or impertinent. Beyond the evidence of the poems, Housman's remarks sometimes openly deprecate formal philosophy: 'Plato'sdoctrine of Forms or Universals is useless as a way of explaining things--it is up to Science to show what is the reality of the world.” (Hoagwood) In Housman’s poem, “Loveliest of Trees, the Cherry Now” show how to explore time and beauty through the prevailing symbol of the cherry tree (5-10). Because a symbol is a word or object that stands for another word or object, and he uses symbol torefer to the cherry tree, and how is similar to life. Housman invites us to meditate on the life in our constant search of answers being done referencing to the simple and wonderful things that surround us, while time advances in our ingenuous childhood. No matter how tightly one grasps the day, that day will still vanish, because one cannot add one hour to a day’s length of time. But the authorreveals a throught that he can actually double his enjoyment of beauty.
The could be comparable with the blooming of the trees until the outcome of its fruits and finalizing; its fall. The meaning of this poem could be analysed as his own experience;looking at them with a reflexive optic,thus, analyzing his own old age. He is reflective author where he observes each and every experience (withcherry trees) brief and beautiful continuity (the flowering of the cherry trees) all these expressed throught the symbolism that he conveys. In a subtle form to try to express the nakedness and to the indirect expression, through the image and the symbol of the thought, it is here where its poetry makes plenary session use of the language like means of the thought, the exploration and thediscovery,the poetry is the breath and the finest spirit of all knowledge, that instills the sensible thing of things.He is riding through a wooded area and observes that the beauty of the blossoms on the cherry trees makes them the “Loveliest of trees.” (1) The time of the year is spring; Housman describes the symbolizism of the blossoms that they are “Wearing white for Eastertide.” For the author the...
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