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MARIA ELENA SUÁREZ R. | |Student: ____________________________________________ Grade: _________ Date ______________
I. Choose only one answer and mark it in the chart
1. He __ soccer yesterday.
   a. plaied
   b. plaid
   c. played
2. I __ 50m last week.
   a. swam
   b. swum
3. She __ too much chocolate.
   a. eated
   b. ated
   c. ate
4. Who __ the match?
   a. wan
   b. wun
   c. won
5. I __ here last year as well.
   a. came
   b. comed
   c. come
6. John __ to New York last month.
   a. goed
   b. going
   c. went
7. I ___ to Tom last night.
   a. writed
   b. wroted
   c. wrote
8. Mary __ TV all day!
   a. watched
   b. watch   c. watching
9. He __ very fast in the race this morning.
   a. ran
   b. run
   c. runs
10. She __ the newspaper on the train.
    a. read
    b. readed
    c. red
11. What did she do?
a. She ride a bicycle. b. She rode a bicycle.
c. She rided a bicycle. d. She roded a bicycle.

12. What did he do?
a. He drinked a soda. b. She drink a soda.
c. He drank a soda. d. He drankeda soda.

13. Did he eat pizza?
a. Yes, he did. b. Yes, he do.
c. No, he didn't. d. No, he don't.

14. Did he read a book?
a. Yes, he did. b. Yes, he do.
c. No, he didn't. d. No, he don't.

15. She slept on the sofa last night.
a. True b. False

16. What will she do?
a. She will dance. b. She is dance.
c. She is dancing. d. She is will dance.

17.What will hedo?
a. He'll will talk on the phone. b. He is will talk on the phone.
c. He is talking on the phone. d. He will talk on the phone.
18. Will he play baseball?
a. Yes, he'll. b. Yes, he will.
c. Yes, he is baseball. d. Yes, he'll will.

19. Will he watch a movie?
a. No, he will. b. No, he willn't.
c. No, he won't. d. No, he won.
20. He will studyEnglish.
a. True
b. False

II. Read the story and then answer the questions.
Who Gets What?
Mr. Lopez likes fish. So one day he went fishing. He went to the lake. He thought of the fish cooking. It made him hungry. At last he got a fish. He started cooking it for dinner. But along came a bear. The bear liked fish too. So the bear got the fish. And Mr. Lopez got away.
21. How did Mr. Lopez feelabout bears?
a. He was afraid of them.
b. He was angry with them.
c. He gave them food.
d. He liked them.
22.What did Mr. Lopez do when he saw the bear?
a. He ran away from the bear.
b. He ate the fish together with the bearr.
c. He asked the bear to eat his fish.
d. He hide the fish.
23. What did the bear do with the fish?
a. He gave it to other animals.
b. He ate it.
c. He threw itaway.
d. He cooked it again.
24. How do you know that Mr. Lopez did not eat his dinner.
a. The bear liked fish too.
b. The bear ate the fish.
c. He was watching while the bear was eating the fish.
d. He cooked the fish.
25. Where did Mr. Lopez get the fish?
a. from the market
b. from the fridge
c. from the sea
d. from the lake

III. Crossword 

[pic]Student:_______________________________________________ Grade: _____________

| | | |

Student: ____________________________________________ Grade: _________ Date ______________
In the early 1980's, Ellis .......... the potential for homecomputers. Using standard components, he .......... together his first computer, the YX30, and .......... to market it in 1983. At first, he .......... it through specialist electronic magazines. Then he .......... advertisements in the 'quality' Sunday newspapers. It .......... an immediate success.
Later that year he .......... the more powerful YX40. This .......... colour graphics and...
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