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  • Publicado : 12 de marzo de 2012
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The tomograp (the greek tomos, meaning cut) is a tool for do studies at human body with the most exactly posibilty and definition.

in 1972, the engineer Godfrey Hounsfield putin functionality the first tomograph, a machine to join the computing with x ray technics, conformation is the best advance in radiology, after x ray.(for this invent Hounsenfield won the nobel priceof medicine and the order of Knight of the British Empire in 1979).
until now the conventional technique of radiology allows preview, with the problem that images overlap to others, so that lost aimportant information.

a machine of TC emit a collimated haz of x ray that impact on the study object. the radiation that doesn't has absorbed for the object, is taken for the detectors.after, the emisor of haz, that had an determinated orientation (for example strict 90º) change his
orientation (example, haz oblique 95º). this spectre is taken of the same form for detectors. thecomputer, "sum" images, averaging them. and after repeated operations to until that complete 1 lap. the computer, "sum" all data and dispose a image tomographic definity and dependable.tomography is theprocessing of images by sections.

A machine used in tomography is called, tomograph, while the produced image in a tomogram. in this case is used on medical studies principally or mostly inhead studies but also use to archaeology, biology, geophysic, oceanography, etcetera.

at the most cases is based in a mathematical process called tomographic reconstruction. a tomography of manysections, known as polly-tomographic

the technology, with over time advances in union with the discoveries. this is important in medical studies because over time these images are calledtomographies will be mostly very exactly.
so this will permit obtain a precise diagnostic and find new solutions, opening field to other investigation related with the medicine especially in x ray....
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