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Total English Intermediate DVD Transcripts
Unit 1 - Best friends
SCENE ONE: Ollie: Ollie: Artist: Stan: Oh that’s fine. Here you are. Thank you…. Gee, that’s swell photography. Well, we better get back to the hotel and get our things packed. ’Cos the boat sails at twelve o’clock tonight. Not for me it doesn’t. What do you mean? I’ve decided to stay a while. In fact, if my plans work out right,I may never go back. Well, you’ve got to go back….we’ll lose our job at the fish market in Des Moines. So what? There are plenty of fish markets here in Paris … Er, garçon! Dites-moi? Another glass of milk and two fresh straws. Huhh! You know what? … I think you’re hiding something from me. Hee, hee … Oh, roses are red, candy is sweet, this is something I sent you to eat. Ollie.

Ollie: Stan:Ollie: Stan: Ollie: Waiter: Ollie: Stan: Ollie: Girl: [laughter]

SCENE TWO: Boy 1: Terry: Bob: Boy 1: Bob: Bob: Terry: I want me ball back! Look! I’ll give you the money. You can get yourself a new one tomorrow! Loan us a quid, Bob. What? I don’t want another ball, I want that ball! Well, it’s a bit difficult now, isn’t it? Oh look, one of us will have to go and fetch it… Up that drainpipe?!Copyright © 2006 Pearson Education. All rights

Bob: Terry: Boy 2: Terry: Boy 3: Terry: Bob: Wife: Man: Terry:

We did it often enough at their age. Let one of them go then. I’ll tell me brother. Shut up! His brother’s bigger than you! I’ll tell you what … fair’s fair. Which hand’s it in? That one … rats…! Hello? …oh, hello Terry! … What? … Sorry? … Why?… What roof? Suicide, was it? Might be later when he gets home to the wife.

[phone rings] [sirens from fire engine]

Copyright © 2006 Pearson Education. All rights

Unit 2 - Breaking news
SCENE ONE: The fall of the Berlin Wall Narrator: Berliners from both east and west linked hands and danced round their liberated territory. Behind them, othersclambered playfully up and down on the Berlin Wall itself. East Berliners can come to West Berlin and West Berliners can go to East Berlin without visas. It’s great! And with nobody to stop them, it wasn’t long before the first attempts were made to destroy the structure itself.

Woman: Narrator:

Journalist: I’m standing on top of the Berlin Wall which for years has been the most potent symbol ofthe division of Europe, and there can be few better illustrations of the changes which are sweeping across this Continent than the party which is taking place here on top of it tonight. Man: I wanna be … an astronaut.

SCENE TWO: The election of Nelson Mandela Narrator: The last few hundred steps of South Africa’s long march to freedom were taken at shuffling pace. South Africans queued to votein their first democratic election.

Woman 1: Some people have waited all their lives to put their cross, but it doesn’t matter how long it takes, they are gonna make their mark. Woman 2: We’re going to have everything that we were deprived of. Narrator: We come to South Africa expecting a Civil War. Nelson Mandela put on a festival of reconciliation instead. Down below they waited and turned thelawns of the Union Buildings into a people’s park.

Copyright © 2006 Pearson Education. All rights

Man: Mandela: Clerk: Mandela: Narrator:

It’s a great day in our lives. It means freedom for us. Freedom at last. I, Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela, do hereby swear to be faithful to the Republic of South Africa. Will you please raise your right hand and say‘So help me God’? So, help me God. They released doves of peace. It was time to celebrate and to hope. After so much, and so many years, the people of South Africa have spoken. It was a generous and a happy day. They started dancing as soon as their new State President did. Hours after he left the stage, they look as if they’ll keep going all night.

SCENE THREE: The total eclipse of the...
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