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Nancy: Keyla? Keyla! So Long time!
Keyla: Wow its true!
Nancy: And where are you been?
Keyla: Ahhh, you know, around, lately I’m doing aerobics in my house, hehe. And you?
Nancy:Uhh I’m in the last weeks I go to swim in the house of my aunt. Do you wanna go to swim with me some day?
-key:Off course! When?
-nan: What do you say go the Monday?
-key:Sorry theMonday I can’t cause this day I walk almost all the day to do some exercise.
-nan:So when you can?
-key:The next weekend could be great!
-nan:Ok, and what about your studies?
-key:Not badfor the first month hehe, And what about you.
-nan:For be sincerely I’m lately do some stuff and the tests are the next week, I need study a little bit more.
-key:Alright study so muchso you can be smart haha.
-nan:And when we go shopping at the mall?
-key: You can tomorrow?
-nan: Yes I do.
-key: And what we gonna buy?
-nan: I don’t now, I need so much stuff.-key: And how is your sister?
-nan:The last week she start to play the guitar.
-key: Wow, that’s awesome, I too liked play the guitar.
-nan:If you wanna I can teach you…
-key:Cool!-nan: Do you see South Park yesterday?
-key: Are you kidding me? Off course! I love this show!
-nan:Me too, I love Cartman, is a moron hehe.
-key: Yes, I see the show while I eat NachosI nearly drowned while he ate and laughed.
-nan:All the last week I go out with my cousins to play basketball in the backyard of their house.
-key: Really? That’s cool.
-nan: And whatare you do in the vacations?
-key:I’ve been going out with my friends at the park.
-nan:You go to the concert to the next Saturday?
-key:I can’t! I won’t have money, do you lend memoney?
-nan:Ok that’s not problem!
-key: I’ll pay you the next weekend.
-nan:Alright don’t forget it.
-key:Off course not.
-nan:ok I’ll see you tomorrow. Call me.
-key:Ok! See ya!
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