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Its amazing the things that can be accomplished with trust. It is definitively one of the columns of society, and it is because everything substantial and important in life isbased upon this. We are able to drive in the streets because we have trust that our fellow drivers will not invade our lane, or that they will stop at the red light. We know when someone turns ondirectional is because that person is going to go that way. We expect and we trust this model. But when the trust breaks, everything else does. It’s a domino effect, and the first trigger is lack of trust.We also have trust in people with whom we work, with our parents and our friends. Everything important is about trustworthiness in someone or something. We are always expecting certain things willhappen and others wont. We live upon that principle. And it is very interesting that although we seem to distrust strangers, our life depends upon them. We trust that the engineer that built thebuilding in which we are right now did it with the correct methods and materials. Or we trust the restaurant in which we are eating have not contaminated the food.

When we are kids we learn to trust ourparents, sometimes we disagree with them, but we know that our well being is in their best interest and that even if they are not perfect they will do everything in their power to help you. So weaccept what they ask us to do. And so the relationship develops founded in the trust that your parents want the best for you.

As you may see, from family, the base of society to a broader extent, onstrangers, we are inevitably interlinked and so we are forced, for good or evil, to trust each other.

I believe that as such is circumstance, we must work together to generate more intelligentapproaches for the further development of our community and our society. We must trust each other more, but for these to happen we should all work individually first, in self-analysis to become better...
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