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dsiStates of matter, atoms and atomic structure
In these sections you will be assessed on your ability to:
1.1 understand the arrangement, movement and energy ofthe particles in each of the three states of matter: solid, liquid and gas
1.2 describe how the interconversion of solids, liquids and gases are achieved and recallthe names used for these interconversions
1.3 describe the changes in arrangement, movement and energy of particles during these interconversions

1.4 describe simpleexperiments leading to the idea of the small size of particles and their movement including:
i dilution of coloured solutions
ii diffusion experiments
1.5understand the terms atom and molecule
1.6 understand the differences between elements, compounds and mixtures
1.7 describe techniques for the separation of mixtures,including simple distillation, fractional distillation, filtration, crystallisation and paper chromatography

1.8 recall that atoms consist of a central nucleus, composedof protons and neutrons, surrounded by electrons, orbiting in shells
1.9 recall the relative mass and relative charge of a proton, neutron and electron
1.10understand the terms atomic number,mass number,isotopes and relative atomic mass(Ar)
1.11 calculate the relative atomic mass of an element from the relative abundances of itsisotopes
1.12 understand that the Periodic Table is an arrangement of elements in order of atomic number
1.13 deduce the electronic configurations of the firsttwenty elements from their positions in the Periodic Table
1.14 deduce the number of outer electrons in a main group element from its position in the Periodic Table
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