Types of sentences (inglés)

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Types of Sentences

Simple 1 Independant Clause
Run-on: *I like my dog, I like play basketball

Compound 2 Independent Clauses joined by FANBOYS
Run-on: *I Love MeganFox, but I would never get her.


1 Independant
- Noun Clause
- Adjective Clause
- Adverb Clause
2 Subordinate

1. - Hans Christian Andersen was born in 1850 and died almost70 years later. (Compound)
Subject = Noun Clause
2. - Whatever he wrote gave him a lot of success. (Compound)
Adjective Clause
3. - The little Mermaid, who was very young, fell in love of theprince. (Complex)
4.- He was afraid of war; well, that’s what I know. (2 simple sentences = Simple)
5.- She wrote a book but nobody read them. (Compound)

The Adverb Clause

1.- Time: When,before, After, until
I was eating pop-corn when Chicharito Hernández scored.

2.- Conditional: If, Unless
If you kiss her, she will get mad.

3.- Purpose: In order to, so that
Mexico soccer team hasto win so that people get proud.

4.- Reason: Because, since, as, cause
I got 7 because I didn’t turn in my binder.

5.- Result: So… that
You are so good that you’ll deserve 8.

6.-Concessive: Although, though,while
I used to sing while I was running.

7.- Place: Where (ever)
Wherever you go, I’ll be there for you.

8.- Clauses of Manner: As, like, the way
Tomorrow we will haveclass in the way you wanted.

9.- Exclamation: What a, how, such, so
What a beautiful girl I saw!

Adverb clause

Adjective Clause
Noun Clause
Adverb Clause

Sentence*Possesive Pronouns (your, my)
*Demostrative (this, that)
Types of Phrases

Modifiers Adjectives

Intensifiers Adverb
My hot boyfriend is gayThe next movie is going to be on Friday

Head noun
Noun Phrase

Adjective phrase
Head noun

If it has a noun, it will be a noun phrase...
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