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  • Publicado : 17 de octubre de 2010
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a night at the house of Fernanda, as she tried to sleep in her room, she felt an evil energy in his body andcould not move or even talk and scream. she was terrified with fear at the time of the night a cold and frightening night and she began to pray, lest something bad happens, when she regained use of hisbody and his voice, ran to his room mother to tell her the experience that had happened a while ago asking him to let him sleep in his room ... the next morning with great fear entered his room tochange clothes and go to school after nightfall and fear entered his room to rest and the same thing happened last night but this time saw a dark shadow day following his mother blessed burn a bunch idid not want to consume the fire until a moment caught fire and was extinguished at once and Cristina had pain in his head that you never ever happened again until today.
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