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  • Publicado : 29 de septiembre de 2010
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Norma Jeane Mortenson know in Hollywood as Marilyn Monroe, was a beauty and sexual symbol, that well she knew how to earned it thanks to his talent as actress, though hiswork cinematic was not recognized but up to after deceased when newly there is granted him the real value that had.

Protagonist of 31 movies, one of most remembered was "The Gentlemen prefer blondes", that hereinafter would be a source of inspiration for one of the videos paper clips most distinguished from Madonna.

His life was marked by the emotional instability, in his childhood it livedin orphanages and adoptive families, until his mother led her to living with her. Always it radiated great beauty and sensuality but within it was consuming the depression and insecurity.

HER DEATHThe big mistery still unsolved, It turns concerning the reasons of his death, it was said that he died for an overdose of medicine, but others affirm that it was murdered.

The night of August4th of 1962, she shows herself happy and calm before she left to bed, as her maid said, next day she found her death face-down and completely naked.

According to some witnesses, five hours before hisdeath an ambulance was parked near by to the hotel where Marilyn was, with what purpose, if she still was alive?, so then it was warned of the happened, at once the ambulance came to the hotel and itis said that nurses and persons of the government entered.

A witness affirms that one of the paramedics applied an injection in the chests being deceased. The official version informed that hisdecease took place because of an overdose of barbiturate, but in the autopsy one did not find tracks of them. An analysis was ordained to his vital organs, which were extracted from the body of theactress, but they disappeared mysteriously, wrapping in a halo of mystery the royal reason of his death.

Theory of the murder

Marilyn had supported clandestine relations with important leaders of...
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