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Microprocessor : Microchip important in a computer, is considered the brains of a computer. It is made up of millions of transistors integrated. This device is housed in a special socketon the motherboard and has a cooling system (usually a fan).

Palabra o lexico : In traditional grammar, a word is each of the segments bounded by pauses or gaps in the chain spoken or written,which may appear in other positions, and is equipped with a function.

Technologic : Technology can refer to objects used by mankind (such as machinery, utensils, hardware), but also includessystems, methods of organization and techniques.

Archive Program : Program Files, a program encoded in a specific language and located or stored in a storage device.

Programming : In computing,programming is the process of writing-in programming language source-code software.

Internet : Joint computer network created from networks of less size

Application : Software allowing a user touse a computer with a specific purpose. The software applications are part of a computer, and typically run on the operating system.

Monitor : In hardware, a monitor is a peripheral output showsthe information graphically on a computer. The monitors are connected to the computer via a graphics card (or adapter or video card).

Memory : In computing, circuit-based device that allow limitedstorage of information and its subsequent recovery.

Innovation : is the creation or modification of a product, and their introduction into a market.

Generation : Set of equipment manufactured inthe same period of time and have common characteristics-art computer.

Hard disk : The hard drive is a magnetic device that stores all programs and computer data.

Memory card : The memory cardsare data storage devices used in digital cameras, notebooks, handhelds, phones, music players, game consoles and other electronic devices. Memory cards allow storage medium small, fast and tough....
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